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i can't get past the cumpace thing..... what am i supposed to do.... how do i play. please help me i loved your other game so much i wanna play this one

I'm not sure I understand. Have you downloaded and extracted the game properly? Unlike my other games this one does not run in browser. 

yes I know. and I've done everything correctly. but it won't work for some reason 

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When you mean you can't get past the compass, did you play all of the game up until that point? Because if so, then that means you reached the end of the demo. (The full game is not out yet)

If you only see black for several seconds and then the compass appears, that likely means you didn't extract the game properly. 

oh okay thank you. I'll try extracting it again 

unable to download game shame really ...

I really love your game!

Thank you! 

Is there only a demo yet? I really love your game!

Thank you for playing! Right now, only the demo is out, yes. I plan on releasing the game in Volumes, with Chapters 2 and 3 later this year, so keep an eye out for those!

no wonder the art seemed familiar!